Member Recognition

The BNI Gold Club was established to recognize BNI members who go the extra mile in building their chapters by sponsoring six or more professionals into the organization who subsequently become BNI members.  BNI Cape Town Gold Club members add value to their chapters by increasing the referral network of every member of the chapter, which means more business for everyone!

BNI Gold Club members are easily recognizable because they wear a black name badge given to them in appreciation for their effort. 

Gold Club members enjoy the following privileges:
1. Recognition on our website.
2. Free entry to most BNI Cape Town regional activities, including MSP1.
3. Other activities especially for Gold Club members

To be listed as a BNI Cape Town Gold Club member, log on to  BNI Connect and complete the "Gold Club Gold Club Badge Qualification Form" under the "Documentsheading and give it to your chapter Director Consultant 

Gold Club Members:

BNI Cape Connect:
Raymond Fuller
Victoria Silberbauer

BNI Intrepid:
Peter Ruthenberg

BNI North Lights:
Louis Kotze

BNI The Willows:
Natasha Van Der Merwe



BNI Millionaires Club

BNI Members are recognized and rewarded as a member of the Millionaire's Club when they have passed referrals or made introductions to their fellow members that has resulted in R1M+ Closed Business.

Congratulations to these Millionaire's Club members in Cape Town:

BNI Intrepid:
Peter Ruthenberg

BNI Southern Cross:
Kevin Palmer

BNI Forte:
Maarten Krüger
Peter Beck

BNI Mountain View:
Louis Wiese
Rushaan Toefy

BNI Northern Lights:
Louis Kotze
Stephanie Ackerman

BNI Ocean Tide:
Sharon Bell

BNI Ratanga:
Gordon Foulis

John Vickerman
Tommie Henrico
Zamir Mahomed

BNI Shiraz:
Dirk Heyneman
Eddie Carstens
Mark Dell
Preiss Brink
Wynand Wium


Bronze Medallion Chapters

Chapters that reach 30+ members for 3 months or more, and that excel at using the BNI system to help members be successful become Bronze Medallion chapters.

Congratulations to:

BNI Edge
BNI Shiraz


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