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In today’s job market, we need to do everything in our power to hold on to our jobs.  Little actions and attitudes can make all the difference.

Protocol for Professional people:

1.  Have a “May I be of help” attitude
2. Be friendly, polite, charming, courteous, sincere and pleasant without being too familiar
3. Treat all people the same, don’t have favourites. Treat them all with courtesy and respect irrespective of their position.
4. Be proud of your work and do your duty
5. Be ambitious and show initiative
6. Use your voice optimally
7. Use your language appropriately
8. Learn to listen attentively. Don’t interrupt or dominate a conversation.
9. Show discretion, tact and diplomacy
10. Have a good sense of humour
11. Be punctual
12. Learn to co-operate with others
13. Good protocol requires you to be sensitive with regard to personal problems, gossip or people’s personal affairs
14. Don’t discuss or condemn colleagues, their work or services.
15. Don’t do anything which will harm the image or status of your company
16. Be appropriately groomed and dressed

By practicing these steps, you will be considered a valuable, efficient employee and are more likely to hold on to your job, even when times are tough.

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