When you were a child, if you wanted to do something, you did it.  You would get up and start building that Barbie castle, or you would climb up that tree.  Nothing could stop you.  You had a bee in your bonnet, and you were going to get it done.  And, if you weren’t allowed to do it, what did you do?  You kicked up a fuss and possibly, got to do it in the end anyway.  But, nothing was going to stand in your way.  It had to be done now.  So, you did it.

While, I am not at all insisting that you throw your toys out the cot or land up on the floor kicking and fussing, we could all take a lesson from our 5-year-old selves at times.

Procrastination is the route of all evil, I say.  Forget money.  Money can be managed, and so it should be, but procrastination, that is another vice all together.  You know that saying about good intentions, well, it is true.  Hell was paved with the suckers!

When you finally realise that you have so little time to complete things, you will know that the time is now.  The time to do all you can is right now!

Older folk will tell you, “I don’t regret the things I did.  I regret the things I didn’t do.”

I fully understand that there are more ‘things’ to do nowadays, now that you are a fully-grown adult, with fully-grown responsibilities.  I get it, I do!  But, then all you need to do is plan a bit better.

Never has there been a better time than the now.  You are a power house, and you are ready to explode with ideas.  But, most times, you think to yourself, “Self, I just don’t have the time.  I know I have great and novel ideas, but I don’t really know where to start, so I will just let it lie for a while.  I’m sure it will all come to me soon.”

Well, self!  The time is now.  Time to take stock of your situation.  Time to look ahead and know that should you not at least take that first step forward in the direction of your goals, then you will be forever planted where you are now.

Let us go back to our 5-year-old self.  All kids have the FOMO affliction.  And, if you don’t know what that is, well let me spell it out to you.  Fear Of Missing Out!  FOMO!  It’s a real thing.  Many adults suffer from this so-called-disease too.  Not enough of us, I think.  But, I have a theory around this “disease”.

It is in fact a blessing.

Yes, I believe that having FOMO is a great affliction.   It is not so much a disease but a talent.  Some of you are frowning down at these written words, but once I explain it to you, you will be wishing you had more FOMO in you.

When a child just cannot stand to miss out on whatever it is that is going on around them, they get themselves into a real panic.  They work themselves up to the point of tears and frustration.  “Why can’t I go?  If I don’t go now, I will NEVER be able to go again!  I can’t stand that I won’t get to see that!  I can’t handle it that she gets to go and I cant!”

Sound familiar?  Anyone with a child or even if you just know of a child, will find those statements to be quite typical of a small person.  But, in fact, we have all screamed that out at some point or another in our adult lives.  Most of us don’t verbalise it.  We scream inside.  “Why did Angela get to go to the boss’s barbeque?  I wanted to make that sale on at Woolies!  If I don’t go to the Bieber concert, I think I will die!”  (Okay, that last one was all me!)

But, you get my meaning?

It is good to have FOMO.  And, the reason is that it will make you do all you can NOW!  From pursuing that senior position that you feel you will never get.  To visiting your ailing grandmother in that stinky old age home.  And, to putting together that business plan, that could mean a potentially lucrative business for you.

Time is short, people!  It truly is.

If I can leave you with just one thought here, it would be to live your life as if you were that 5 year old, who thinks that there will never be another good time, that if they miss out, they will surely die.  Because, the truth is, if you don’t do what you really want to now, then a little something does die inside.

So, get up, get going, and do it all – NOW!

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