Thank you

You know that feeling?  The one where you miss something only when it’s gone?

Well, finding yourself with a telephone to your one ear, a cell phone to the other, your jam-packed calendar in front of you, and a pile of papers to your left about to topple over, and you will get that feeling sweeping through your body in no time.

Much like we rely on our smart phones nowadays, when it’s gone, we feel quite lost and panicked.

Take a moment to consider all that your PA or secretary does for you.  You may not even realise the extent of her duties.  Those instructions you blurt out at odd times of the day to her are just a drop in the ocean as to what she is really taking on.

Your Personal Assistant is so essential to your business, and we are going to remind you just how much.

  1. They know how to balance all their tasks and can ensure, that by the end of the day, all is complete and in order
  2. They have an uncanny ability to know just what you are about to say and often have already attended to the issue before you instruct it (think of Donna from Suits … minus the witty remarks of course)
  3. They are very good at screening your calls and eliminating time wasters who call in at all odd moments in the day
  4. They see things clearly when you don’t – think about how many times your PA has pointed out a gross error in an email you were about to send, or possibly even when your shirt is sticking out of your zipper … mmm … or for the lady bosses, that time your skirt got stuck in your panties …
  5. They let you get down to the business of doing business, taking the flack off when the going really gets tough
  6. Your PA will ensure you stay on track with appointments, from your dentist to that very important meeting with a new potential client
  7. They are great at picking up those little tasks, such as scheduling your flights, your accommodation, buying that gift last minute, that you forgot to buy for your mother, and even your dry cleaning
  8. Where you are lacking, she excels. Often times, your assistant fills in the gaps where you suck (to put it plainly).  She can make you look good by covering the small areas you cannot
  9. She or he is the face of your business, and often the first person people see on entering your office. Their engaging manner can be a great selling point for your business
  10. You can get to other important aspects of your life, such as exercise, your family, and other personal activities that are essential to leading a balanced life

With Secretaries day looming up on the 7th of September, consider showing your appreciation for your right hand lady or man.

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