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As a professional you strive to please your clients and leave them with a good impression.  And most of the time, you do just that.

You know you did a good job.

They know you did a good job.

But, no one else knows you did a good job.


Asking for testimonials from your clients after a job well done is one way of letting the world know, and of course, new potential clients, that your work is excellent.

Nothing has more power than word of mouth, and a testimonial is essentially the words from your client’s mouth.

Yes, you should be delivering excellent work all the time but reminding the public that you really do, can benefit you more than an advertising campaign.

A testimonial is essentially a “humblebrag”, whereby you would reciprocate the testimonial with a “This is just what we do.  All in a day’s work … etc., etc.”


Here are 7 more reasons why you need testimonials.

  1. Advertising for Referrals

When someone is looking to refer you to another, or you are being stalked out on LinkedIn, those testimonials will speak volumes.  They are your advertising bill board.  Those words are worth their weight in gold, and boy are they heavy!  The fact that the person has taken the time to put their heartfelt gratitude and happiness over your service offering into written words, is enough for most people to make contact with you.

  1. Shows your client loyalty

When you receive a testimonial, what do you do with it?  The idea behind a testimonial is to display it, show it off to the world and let others know what great work you did.  If you are sticking it into a file somewhere to show off to your grandchildren, then you have wasted good paper and a chance to sell yourself.

When you post your testimonials on your website, you show the client who gave it that you appreciate their words.  And, won’t that client want to keep doing business with you?  Of course they will!  Remember to always ask their permission before publishing their words.

  1. Learn from the feedback

Sometimes, unbeknownst to you, the testimonial you receive may not be 100% positive.  This would be a good time to review where there was an issue.  It may not have been directly with you, but perhaps with your staff or a process that went wrong.

This is the time to refocus and regroup.  Discuss how you can ensure that never happens again.  And, when you receive a vastly different and more positive testimonial from that same client later on, you will have realised the benefit of learning from a not so good testimonial.

  1. Optimise on the SEO possibilities

By publishing the testimonial and the story behind it as a blog on your website, you can optimise the SEO benefits through it.  Keep the words of the testimonial the same but create and develop the story around the job through a blog.  With the right words and structure, you can boost your chances of leads through to your website.

  1. Pimping the testimonial adds credibility

Publicising your testimonials via social media platforms and your website is great!  What is even better is if the writer of the testimonial publishes it.  Ask them nicely if they would write the testimonial direct to your LinkedIn profile and your Facebook page.  They can tag you in or you could re-share that post to your newsfeed.


Powerful stuff, these testimonials!

Remember to ask for testimonials after each completed job or sale.  You will be surprised at how many people are quite taken aback and very happy to give you a testimonial.

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