In lieu of Mother’s Day, we thought we would honour the women that have raised us.  Whether they be your real blood mothers or a guardian, we are who we are because of them.

As an entrepreneur, what skills and lessons have you learnt that have stood by you through thick and thin?

We collated a few that we just know you will remember and can relate to.

  1. Be Humble

No one likes a boaster. No one likes a bully.  Our mothers reminded us of that often.  To approach a situation or a person with a certain level of humbleness would always go a long way.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time

We are prone to often dabble in too many things at once but there is merit in focusing in on just one at a time.  When you try to juggle many balls, you invariably end up dropping a few.  Focus!

  1. Give

Generosity is key to building relationships and when mother told you to be kind and nice, she wasn’t trying to spoil your fun.  Helping others and giving of yourself, no matter whether it be your time or your money, will always come back to bite you (in a nice way though).

  1. Try and Try again

Get up and try again!  Remember those words?  Never give up.  Always try everything once before you decide you don’t like it.  From those odd-looking veggies on your plate to that sports day race, mothers have for decades encouraged us to try and try again.

  1. Try to work it out

Tied in with no giving up, mothers always showed us that where there was a will, there was a way.  ‘n boer maak ‘n plan – yes, that has been said many a time.  Problem solvers are a huge hit in the business world, and always finding a way to get around an issue is a great skill to have.

  1. Negotiate

Some kids just learnt this on their own, and if the little critters nowadays are anything to go by, they are excellent negotiators.  If it was father that had to make a decision on that new bike you wanted, or whether you could sleep out or not, mother would give you a tip or two on how to negotiate with dad.  Being able to talk your way into and out of something without any foul play is a great tool as an entrepreneur.

  1. Independence

Many mothers lingered before they untied the apron strings, but at some point, the chicken has to let her little chicks go.  The parents that hold on too long end up with kids that struggle to transition into the adult world. By encouraging you to walk into school by yourself, pay for your sweets at the counter alone, and fall asleep without the light on, you would have learnt independence.


There are many more lessons and skills that mother would have taught you if you just think about it a bit.

Can you think of a few?  Let us know and share.


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