It’s almost that time of the year when we don our selfless hats and look to making someone else’s day magical.


Mandela Day is on the 18th of July and everyone is thinking about what they can do for their 67 minutes.  If you’re stuck, we have a few awesome suggestions for you.



There are so many organisations and NPO’s who would love for you and even your entire family or office to come out and help them.  They all will be focused on giving of their time, their money, their products and services, in order to engage and lighten someone’s life.  Simply google your local community and get out there.  It really can be that simple.



This is a great time to go through your own things and see what is worthy of passing on.  What may not seem useful to you anymore could be a life saver to the next person.  Sort through your own clothes, that of your kids and ask neighbours too.  Have your kids outgrown their toys?  Do you have too many Tupperware bowls?  Has that couch seen its day?  Do you have a spare toaster or kettle?  Or maybe your office needs a new printer?  Think about it and start gathering.



We very often receive a gift that we either just don’t like or we have no use for.  Keep them to one side and get them over to the nearest old age home or children’s home.



This can be interpreted in so many ways.  You don’t have to give money. You don’t have to give items.  You could just spend some time with someone that would appreciate it.  The aged are often left alone and don’t receive many visitors.  They often cannot read anymore and would love someone to read to them.  Maybe they wish to send a letter to a family member, go sit with them and write it out for them.  Or, just sit and listen.  You might just learn something new too.



Why not use that special skill set you have to help?  If you’re good with wood, either get making something new or revamping something old.  Love painting?  Consider decorating a community hall or day care centre.  Financial advice? Creative writing? Sing?  Put on a play?  Knit?  Sew?  The options are endless.  Just think about what you can do and do it for someone.  A little really does go a long way.



There is nothing more satisfying that a home cooked meal.  Those that are in need often don’t even get one meal a day.  Cook up a batch of macaroni cheese, your best tomato soup, your granny’s recipe for curry or whatever you are able to muster up, and deliver it to needy neighbours, the local community, the nearest children’s home or school, or wherever they are short of meals.



Nothing is too much.  And, 67 minutes is literally a fraction of your day.  Make the most of it and know that besides making you feel like a million dollars, you will make someone else feel like a billion.



Happy Mandela Day!

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