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This is what Millennials entrepreneurs are being tagged as.  Sure, it’s not a real word, but it shows us that Millennials are fast becoming a factor to reckon with in the business world.

And if you take the female element within these Millennipreneurs, you are looking at real powerhouses.

Why is that, you ask?  Well, without taking anything away from their male counterparts, the Millennial women are a completely different animal. And by animal we mean a vastly innovative species.

While over the last 20 years women in general have blurred the lines around gender roles, the Millennial women don’t even see this as a noticeable factor.  They are going out and taking on positions that today is still considered male dominated without blinking an eyelash.

As we are celebrating Women’s Day on the 9th this month, we thought we would find out what these female Millennipreneurs are all about.



The Millennial woman has an abundance of confidence.  We are speaking generally of course, but as the Millennial force dominates the workforce in terms of a generation group, we have to report that they are the most confident.

And confidence is a key factor when it comes to success in business.



While mentors have been around for decades, they are only now becoming an integral part of business and businesses.  Millennials, especially the women, believe in having a mentor.  In fact, they prefer not to do anything or make any decisions without a mentor’s guidance.

This shows us that they are very focused on their own development and progression in the workplace.



We know they work but Millennial women are quite passionate about this kind of connecting.  They believe that they are not an island and that they have to reach out to others in order to get somewhere.  While us Xennials (yes, those born between the 1970’s and 1980’s are considered Xennials) think of Millennials as spoilt and self-indulged, we don’t realise that they in fact, rarely do anything alone.  They use their resources and they use them productively.



By this we mean that Millennial women are finding ways to work smartly and that means they need to be innovative.  Through tech, through connections, through flexibility and through asking for help, they are working their way up the ladders in a smart manner.

While these qualities are not just reserved for Millennials, they are the key factors that make our generation of M’ers quite powerful.  Whether you are a Millennial, Xennial, Centennial or prefer not to be labelled at all, focusing on these areas can help you to be a better entrepreneur.


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