BNI Tools: The Traffic Lights

BNI's Member Traffic Lights (Power of One Report) and Chapter Traffic Lights are tools that are provided to help members analyse what's working and what's not working, and how we can make it better. This concept is something that all business owners and professionals do in their businesses, usually when strategizing around growth or reviewing … Continue reading BNI Tools: The Traffic Lights


Seven Core Values that serve the Greater Good

BNI is both conscious and deliberate about serving the greater good by helping businesses around the world to create a culture of collaboration in business.  Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI says: “An organization needs a sound strategy to succeed but, it needs a great culture to excel.  For me, that approach has been about … Continue reading Seven Core Values that serve the Greater Good

The Benefits of Networking

In this digitally-driven world of ours the power of personal interaction is more valuable than ever. While it is the norm to partake in on-line communities, to email clients, or video conference a meeting, face-to-face communication that fosters trust, and leads to solid, long-term business relationships is, without question, worth the time and effort.  Whether you own … Continue reading The Benefits of Networking