We have aligned ourselves with businesses that share our values, and are able to give added benefits to our BNI members.

BNI looks for strategic partners to establish mutually beneficial relationships that provide information, support and referrals.  Working together, we help each other grow through Cross Promotion.

These are our Strategic Partners:

Asentiv South Africa offers training and workshops focussed around Referral Marketing and Networking.
Members that would like to take their businesses to the next level with a strategic plan focused on their company’s image, vision, mission, target market or networking efforts benefit from the short courses or 14 week programs.


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This partner offers a payment plan for your BNI Membership fees.
Applicable to new & existing BNI members that would like their membership fees split into 12 monthly payments


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We unlock the full value of your business, online.
We develop lead generating, responsive websites, specifically within WordPress, that can grow your business by using effective methods of conversion.
Affordable and within budget
Landing pages and full websites
WordPress and custom built options
For any entrepreneur


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Andre du Toit is a professional speaker that offers workshops to individuals and corporates, focussed around business and personal growth.