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BNI is a referral network. One of the things that makes us successful as an organisation is that we encourage members to track the referrals and Closed Business given and received.

On 1 February 2018, we have:
229 824 members globally and 2627 members in South Africa
8325 Chapters globally in 71 countries, with 115 Chapters in South Africa

9.8 Million referrals have been passed between members in the last 12 months, resulting in $13.6 Billion closed business!


From 1 January to 31 January 2018, the following stats have been logged between members:

BNI North Peninsula:
Referrals: 539
Visitors: 44
121’s: 508
Closed Business: R2,124,558.00
Chapter Education Units: 274
Average value of a referral is R63,941.66

BNI South Peninsula:
Referrals: 313
Visitors: 40
121’s: 302
Closed Business: R2,486,354.00
Chapter Education Units: 184
Average value of a referral is R7,943.62

BNI Winelands:
Referrals: 116
Visitors: 346
121’s: 118
Closed Business: R796,528.00
Chapter Education Units: 25
Average value of a referral is R6,866.62

Total for the Western Cape:
Referrals: 968
Visitors: 103
121’s: 928
Closed Business: R5,407,440.00
Chapter Education Units: 483


See 2017 Stats


Referrals:  Qualified referrals give between members. The person referred has a need for the product/service and is expecting the call.

Visitors:  Individuals who are not members and have visited a chapter.   Visitors are allowed to visit BNI twice.  A visitor is only logged once.

121’s:  Business meetings held between two members, to get to know each other’s businesses with the intention of finding referrals for one another.

Closed Business:  The amount of closed business that has been logged by members in BNI.  Members do not necessarily have to disclose the name of the client or how much they have received or any other confidential information.  Closed business is logged at the chapter meeting or online using the BNI Connect Mobile App.

Chapter Education Units:  Points are allocated for various events, development sessions and educational resources such as podcasts, BNI books and articles.  Members that attend or make use of the resources can log points called CEU’s or Chapter Education Units.