With commercial short term insurance, cold calling and relying on leads, is a definite no-go, it is like waiting for the day that your break through is going to come. One needs something more substantial, measurable, thus being held accountable. I was visible, but far from credible as I did not get the opportunity or breakthrough to do my “thing” thus profitability was not even a consideration.

I had to join an organisation that gave me a platform where I could be held accountable, where I could measure my participation and where I could see my return on my investment, which I later learned rather to be a return on my relationship.

Having a well-known and exciting past on the ballroom dance floor, Zelda Mycroft from the Chaeili Campaign approached me one day on the dance floor and asked me what I do for a living. Her only question I can remember was, “would you be interested to join me in seeing how we can help you to grow your business.”

This was serious, I liked the professional approach, I liked the accountability. I like the opportunity to grow my business, the fact that I can have a room, a group, a team of people to help me to grow my business, and all I have to do is to participate.

Joining BNI in 2013, I have on an annual basis calculated my return on what my membership contribution was and what my return was of business passed to me, closed off and thanked. The first year a 43% growth in business was calculated on referrals passed to me that resulted in closed business. My second year was 59%, and now on average a staggering 89% of my business is generated through qualified referrals received via BNI members.

Thank you to BNI and my fellow members of BNI Edge, Cape Town, South Africa.


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