Thor Plumbing has been a member of BNI Ratanga for about two and half years. In that time, through referral networking, Thor Plumbing has grown and BNI has made up around 50%, if not more, of the business we received in the past year. We have made numerous contacts in the business world that we would not have had access to and even learned how to effectively run a business and build relationships with our clients … all from other business owners in the network. This has all made a great positive impact on our business and other business owners are always willing to help the “little guy” build his/her business and offer advice on how to make it work successfully. As a result of all of this we have joined another business networking group as well and that too is successful. Thus, in my opinion, referral networking works.

As a good friend of mine in the other networking group always says…”your network works IF you work your network.”

Education is key…use the tools provided through training and events. Visit other chapters where your position is not filled and you will make new business contacts and develop business relationships.

Thor Plumbing –
Member of BNI Ratanga