Before I joined BNI Ratanga I had to do cold calling and try and meet people I have never met before. Some days was nerve wrecking and others I simply just gave up after a few doors were slammed in my face. Some would not even let me on the premises.

I was invited to visit BNI Ratanga and I joined after the first meeting. I went on Member Success Program training offered by BNI and really enjoyed it. BNI taught me how to conduct my meetings in a professional manor and how to get the most out of my chapter and my chapter from me. Meeting other business professions was so easy and they wanted to meet with me. (WOW!) What a difference from knocking on doors of strangers. Before I knew it, I was getting calls from people from other chapters and they wanted to meet with me.

My contact sphere has grown so quickly, that I’m really grateful to the BNI app, which keeps me in touch with all these great people who I can refer to anyone needing their trusted BNI services.

Thanking BNI for all it has done.

Cilltec –

Member of BNI Ratanga