I would like to thank BNI for making my 2017 my best year to date and I’m looking forward to 2018. I can hardly believe we are nearing December already and it shows how much I enjoyed the BNI way of life, that the year has just flew by.

BNI has helped me and my business grow in ways I could not do on my own and the advice and guidance I got from my fellow BNI members is the reason we are so successful. The workshops and training BNI offers is well worth the price we pay and I’m very grateful for that. Waiting for my weekly meetings is made easier, because I can visit other chapters and see how I can help them.

I would like to personally thank Claudia for always being there to help with any queries I might have had or have and offering the right guidance through the BNI way. Some might think it is expensive to pay almost five thousand for the year, but I know I got so much more back from the BNI way I almost feel guilty. Givers gain is my way of life now.

Cilltec – http://www.inspection.co.za
Member of BNI Ratanga