I was introduced to BNI years ago, while looking at a possible networking opportunity. I however, never joined any network as I was actively involved in the day to day running of the business. I have since acquired some additional resources, and I searched for this specific networking opportunity again. So now, while still being actively involved in my business, I am able to work on my business, and network with like-minded business people.

My business has been built on word of mouth, and we strive on an ethically run business model. Both of these factors I noticed with BNI as well, and this was also a leading factor in deciding to join.

As I started only a few months ago, it has been great to show our services to our fellow chapter members, and this has also given me the opportunity to look at my business from an outside perspective. It has also provided a forum for fellow business support in our chapter and beyond, where they can assist you with your business needs, as you develop and grow.

Now, in joining BNI, I have increased my business network with like-minded business people, and we can not only grow our own but other businesses as well.


Resolve Cleaning Services
Member of BNI Mountain View